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Shalex Foldover Backpack
Shalex Buckle Detail Backpack - Black
Shalex Buckle Detail Backpack - Grey
Suede Tassel Shoulder Bag / Clutch Bag
Trapezoid Box Bag - Brown
Trapezoid Box Bag - Black
Classic Structured Pockets Backpack - Chocolate Brown
Classic Structured Pockets Backpack - Ochre Brown
Classic Structured Pockets Backpack - Black
Shalex Patchwork Bag
Shalex Foldover Bag - Brown
Shalex Foldover Bag - Black

○ Stylist Picks ○

Velvet Backpack - Grey
Shalex Biker Jacket with Check Sleeve
Handmade Real Pressed Flowers Phone Case
Cable Knit Vest Dress with Turtle Neck
Sheer Grid Socks - Black
Boyfriend Jean with Madness Rips
Double Candy Earrings - Psychedelic Black
Mock-Croc Minimal Black Backpack

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